The Phoenix Project

...or how did I finally shared what I do for a living with my wife

Posted by Miguel Pereira on Fri 10 June 2016

After much insistence from a coleague, I decided to finally pick this book up and give it a go. And am I glad I did!

I guess I cheated a bit. I picked up both the kindle & audiobook flavors. I had a brief long-weekend mini-vacation programmed with the family. We were heading out to a wooded area with little cell reception and possibly no WiFi. Obviously I thought I could catch up on reading everything that I had on my queue for the last, say, 10 years. The rationale was, listen to the audiobook on the drive to and from while the kids and wife fell asleep. Well, my little girls did fall asleep. My oldest one though, my wife, she didn't. She did get hooked listening to what Bill Palmer and staff had in store for them during their first outage.

After hearing me chuckle and noticing that I was tensing up and relaxing with every passage, my better half finally asked "Is that what you do at the office, sweetie?". Yes! I thought to myself. This is what I do. I solve problems. I solve problems with computers and systems and people. And I solve them, more often than not, just as poorly as Bill did. Or at least, I used to: I've improved. We've improved. We've been improving. We are constantly improving.

More to come. But for now, is anybody else that's read The Phoenix Project not appalled at the fact that nobody's picked up this book and turned it into a movie or sitcom (The IT Crowd does not count)

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