Joining the ranks of AWS Certified Solutions Architects

Posted by Miguel Pereira on Wed 11 May 2016

If you know me on a personal level, you probably noticed I progressively disappeared from most radars: no night outs, not drinks, not dinner, no life ;)

Well, I had a somewhat decent excuse: I had been preparing to test for my first certification in ages. And after much burning of the proverbial midnight oil, I am glad to announce that...

I Nailed it!

Here are the domain scores

Congratulations again on your achievement.

Overall Score: 81%

Topic Level Scoring:

1.0 Designing highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, scalable systems : 81%

2.0 Implementation/Deployment: 66%

3.0 Security: 81%

4.0 Troubleshooting: 100%

Overall, the exam was on the simple side. The proctor that administered the exam basically mentioned that he had seldom seen anyone fail the CSAA.

Still, I can no belittle the hours I spent reading and watching material to prepare for the exam, nor the nights and evenings of family time that were sacrificed.

In any case, now its time to put some of that fresh-off-the-classroom energy to good use. There are projects already cropping up that will require pushing a bit further -i.e. somewhat complex and intersting cloudformation templates, and other architectural components that need to be put in place. Very intersting stuff.

I am also getting the chance to work with some very smart people. Exciting times ahead!

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

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