DevOpsDays DFW 2016

Crude notes, highlights and snaps of the first DevOpsDays DFW conference hosted at the Grapevine Convention Center between between Thursday, September 15th and 16th, 2016.

Posted by Miguel Pereira on Sat 17 September 2016

The show is over. It feels a bit like a hangover from where I am sitting. #DODDFW was the hashtag the organizers suggested. The conference was good. No, it was great --but it was also my first DevOps conference. Blank slate and no expectations to begin with.

The conference was well organized, and save for a hiccup with the lanyards on the first day (no attendees were injured during the course of the event because of their absence) and a small "incident" during Marissa Levy's talk about woman in tech the two day, single track conference was a success from this attendee's standpoint.

Day 1

The guest speakers were engaging and the topics smartly spread to keep everybody focused. Day one packed a punch, with

  • Nathan Harvey's opening talk
  • Kevin Witherstine walking the audience through his journey towards NetDevOps
  • Allison Pollard and Zach Cannon's address on encouraging the leaders of tomorrow
  • And Franklin Mosley's reminder that security needs to be treated as a first class citizen (sidenote: did you know that the OPC building in the original RoboCop film is none other than a Dallas City Hall building?)

Day one Ignites had their serving of humorous truth when JJ Ashgar from Chef took to the stage, delivering a 5 minute insider's perspective into the mind of an introvert --main takeaway: NAPS ARE AWESOME!

Day 2

Day numero dos was no slouch either.

  • Jeffrey Snover kicking it off with an up and close taste about the future of Windows Server with version 2016 being a bottom's up revamp of the 20 year old platform: all aimed to please those cloud engineers.
  • Special mention to Marissa Levy's presentation about woman in technology and a wee-bit of an incident with an attendee taking one of the many rethorical questions shuffled through out the presentation a bit too seriously (you can't have a proper conference without a small amount of drama). Luckily, I think most of us ignored him and kept up with Marissa's story. Quite engaging by the way, albeit I don't share 100% of her views, it was still encouraging to see a hyper successful parent and professional in tech externalize the challenges they face.

I took the chance, during the small break in between talks, to snap a selfie with none other than Trevor Hess from 10th Magnitude or probably better known as one of the co-hosts of Arrested DevOps. If you are not familiar with the show, you should definitely check it out.

  • Michael Hedgpeth & Shazad Brohi took the stage next talk about their journey towards DevOps @ NCR.
  • And finally the crowning jewel of day #2: Michael Cote delivering a humorous, but incisive, report on the state of the post-Unicorn DevOps world. I took copious notes during his delivery which I had intended to take back to work. But turns out all I managed to scribe was

"Legacy, what makes us money!"

"A key aspect of DevOps: empathizing over beer"

During the raffle, I got uber-lucky and snatched up this bad boy when two or three of the names that were called did not show up. I am a Gene Kim-junkie and firmly believe that The Phoenix Project should be required reading material starting in elementary schools grades.

I am also happy to report that I managed to secure t-shirts for every day of the week. I can't wait to break in my new business attire at the office.

Finally, I'd like to acknowledge and thank the organizers (and the sponsors that coughed up a generous amount of funds probably) for putting together this event in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. It was supremely helpful for me to see and hear firsthand what other's journeys are like, what bumps on the road they've encountered, and how they've managed through (or around) them. So, guys & gals, thank you. Can't wait for whats to come!

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