Life seen through an engineering lens...

VirtualBox Knick Knacks

Personal notes and reminders on workarounds and fixes for VirtualBox based environments

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DevOpsDays DFW 2016

Crude notes, highlights and snaps of the first DevOpsDays DFW

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DevOps according to me

We've all read definitions from countless sources, gone to Wiki, talked to peers and industry thought leaders...we all have an ...

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SSH Tunneling For Dummies

A brutally simple collection of reminders, notes and gotchas you can use the next time you are faced with the need to tunnel your SSH ...

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Another book shoutout "Beyond Blame"

We deserve at least as much credit for when things go well, as blame from when things fail

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The 4 Types of Work in IT

One of the many topics that really caught my attention deals with understanding the different types of work that IT juggles everyday. ...

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The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project should be required reading material in every organization, both established and new, evolving or wanting to shake ...

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Joining the ranks of AWS Certified Solutions Architects

If you know me on a personal level, you probably noticed I progressively disappeared from most radars: no ...

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